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CLIN 2007

Friday December 7, 2007
University of Nijmegen

CLIN 2007 is organized by the Language and Speech group of the Radboud University Nijmegen.

Proceedings - Format and style guidelines

(With thanks to the CLIN 17 organizing committee in Leuven)


  • The contribution must be typeset in LaTeX2e, not in LaTeX2.09.
  • Make sure that the contribution compiles without errors, and preferably without warnings with maximal badness (10000).
  • Your contribution should have an abstract of approximately 10 lines.
  • Maximum length: 15 pages - everything included!

Style packages for LaTeX2e

You will need clin.sty (general stylesheet) and clin.bst (bibliography style sheet) in order to obtain the required page layout. Both packages originate from CLIN 2003, by Hendri Hondorp (University of Twente). For the proceedings of CLIN 2007, some changes were made to clin.bst (March 2008)

Furthermore, we suggest you use:

These packages are usually included in LaTeX2e. If you want to use additional packages, please let us know.

Additional Information

  • Contact addresses - you should not include the author's address in the article. Addresses will be included in a separate 'Contributors' section: attach this to your e-mail.
  • Sample code - see the sample .tex file
  • Bibliography - please use a separate bibliography file. See the sample .bib file

If you download the sample files and style files (see above) to one directory you should be able to generate a file such as sampleclin.pdf

A good LaTeX word processor for Windows is WinEdt, which can be installed together with the LaTeX package so that you can generate pdf files directly from the user interface of your editor.

General Style Guidelines

  • Citations: these are taken care of by the bibliography style sheet clin.bst. Please stick to the formatting of the samplebib.bib and use clin.bst
  • Dashes:

    • use the em-dash (---) in cases like the following - no spaces:

      Spell out names in the glosses---so, do not leave them out.
      One of the better films of the festival---and it is not as
      if we are Tarantino fans---certainly was...

    • use the en-dash (--) for numbers, dates, times etc.:

      groups of 10--50 people
      Saturday 13.00--15.00 pm.
      (Pratt 1975, 121--25)

If you have any problems or (further) suggestions, please mail to clin2007@let.ru.nl