Descriptive units

Major syntactic functions at sentence/clause level

label     explanation     example
SU     subject     the water that was spilled was not radioactive. [analysis]
V     verb     significant results were not expected until Tuesday. [analysis]
CS     subject complement     her late husband was a local broadcaster. [analysis]
OI     indirect object     he's really doing us a favor." [analysis]
OD     direct object     he said the cause was being investigated. [analysis]
CO     object complement     but critics called the findings unrealistic. [analysis]
A     adverbial     one person died of a heart attack. [analysis]
DE     discourse element     hence our fears for the taxpayers. [analysis]

Major syntactic functions at phrase level

label     explanation
NPHD     NP head
LIM     limiter
DT     determiner
DTPE     predeterminer
DTCE     central determiner
DTPO     postdeterminer
NPPR     NP premodifier
NPPO     NP postmodifier
AJHD     head of AJP
AJPR     AJP premodifier
AJPO     AJP postmodifier
AVHD     head of AVP
AVPR     AVP premodifier
AVPO     AVP postmodifier
P     prepositional
PC     prepositional complement
OP     operator
AVB     auxiliary verb
MVB     main verb