Descriptive units

Major syntactic categories

label     explanation     example
S     sentence     the first champagne corks popped minutes later.
CL     clause     as they walked out, the men lifted their hands in a salute.
NP     noun phrase     but sheer numbers can be misleading.
AJP     adjective phrase     individual investors' appetite remains harder to gauge.
AVP     adverb phrase     I'm usually on the other side of the law.
PP     prepositional phrase     an advantage to such an approach is flexibility.
VP     verb phrase     defense lawyers are being paid with public funds.

Lexical categories (word classes)

label     explanation     label     explanation
ADJ     adjective     N     noun
ADV     adverb     NADJ     nominal adjective
ART     article     NUM     numeral
AUX     auxiliary     PM     punctuation mark
CLEFTIT     cleft it     PN     pronoun
CONJN     conjunction     PREP     preposition
EXTH     existential there     PRIT     provisional it
GENM     genitive marker     PRO     proform
INT     interjection     PRTCL     particle
LV     lexical verb

Additional terminal labels

DAY      weekday         NMF      first name
MONTH      month         NML      last name
TIME      time         NMN      nick name
YEAR      year         TLTR      title